Saturday, 22 July 2017

Clever fellow that Nick Xenophon - actually appealing to the Australian centre

Some evidence this week, if you needed it, that Nick Xenophon's Team is more in touch with your "average" Australian than any of the other parties in the federal parliament. Research firm JWS Research set out to find what Australians regard as the sensible centre. And it discovered the answer is slightly more ‘right’ than ‘left’ and slightly more conservative than progressive.
Here are the key survey questions and the results:

JWS summarised the results of its full survey as:
Relative to how they rate the main federal political parties, Australians view themselves as sitting somewhere in the middle, as:

  • more left leaning and more socially progressive than the Liberal-National Coalition and One Nation 
  • more right leaning and more socially conservative than Labor and The Greens 
  • more right leaning but similarly moderate on social issues to the Nick Xenophon Team (and this trend is even stronger in South Australia). 
Similarly, relative to key federal politicians, Australians place themselves as:
  • similarly right leaning but more socially progressive than Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull 
  • less right leaning and far more socially progressive than former Prime Minister Tony Abbott 
  • more right leaning and more socially conservative than Opposition Leader Bill Shorten.
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