Friday, 7 July 2017

Britain's "broad church" political party

John Howard will be shocked. Britain's Labour Party is appropriating the "broad church" slogan.
Today's London Daily Mirror carries the bad news.
Now Labour chair and Corbyn ally Ian Lavery has said "everything is going to be reviewed" and Labour might be "too broad a church".
Shadow fire minister Mr Williamson said: "Yes Labour is a big church, but we currently have a large bulk of MPs who represent one relatively small tendency in the congregation.
"To keep Labour fresh and updated we need MPs who can win the support of the mass membership."
He said MPs who are popular with their members "should have no problem getting reselected" but "it's unreasonable to think we as MPs can avoid any contests".
No doubt Tony Abbott will agree that the reference to there being a large bulk of MPs who represent "one small tendency in the congregation" applies in Australia as well.
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